Friday Flowers: Tulip Blooms

Happy Friday! Our California sunshine is back and along with it our spring flowers are shining in the sunlight. Here is a look at spring flowers abloom in my garden.

Tulips 🌷

Aah tulips, why do you hate me so?? For years, and I mean decades I’ve tried to grow tulips in our Northern California winter to no avail. But do I give up? No! I’m a gardener, we never give up!

And so every year I succumb to temptation and plant a hand full of tulips in pots and in my raised beds. Not many, just a few. And every year I get dismal performance, they look like what I call cup and saucer flowers 😞. As in the blooms grow almost at ground level.

But this year with the unprecedented rain and chilly temperatures my tulips actually performed great! Like a proud Mama I am sharing with you here my humble tulip bonanza 🌷🌷🌷🌷.

Daffodils! A winner in the spring garden

Daffodils do phenomenal in my spring garden. I get blooms every spring and they multiply over time. And the best part? They bloom for over a month giving welcome cheerful color in our dreary winter months.

Bearded Iris

Kind of early for bearded iris yet this gorgeous merlot colored iris is blooming right now.


Muscari are little bulbs that bloom in early spring. What I love about this perennial favorite is their electric blue color. Blue is so hard to get right in nature, and here in muscari blooms the blues are positively bright blue!


My favorite spring time flowers, freesias reward with hundreds of blooms in a rainbow of colors every spring 🌈!

That’s a look at my spring garden this year.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow am so envious. Hats off to your perseverance. Last year this time we were planning to come time flies..and I surely love California. Happy holiday

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