Holiday Baking

Invited to a few holiday gatherings? Looking for easy sweet recipes to share with family and friends?  Give these recipes all made with wholesome ingredients a look over. Most of these recipes are easy, turn out beautiful and delectable – perfect sweets to make over the holidays.

Carrot cake wreath

A winner of a recipe this is! It’s basically an easy to make carrot cake that I baked in a bundt cake pan giving it that wreath like shape. Then I covered the cake with cream cheese frosting and topped it with pale green pistachios and a sprinkle of red and green sugar. A delicious cake that looks and tastes amazing!



Maltese Almond Cookies

The easiest most delectable cookies ever, Maltese almond cookies are always a hit when I make them.  With as few ingredients as possible and made in just minutes, these cookies are not only easy to make but taste great too!



Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Absolutely the most awesome chocolate cookies ever.  With a hint of cayenne and sweet cinnamon, this is a winner of a chocolate cookie recipe!



Frosted Ginger Cookies

Like the feel good aroma of spices such as ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon? Then these cookies are sure to be a hit. Very easy to make, all you do is mix wet ingredients, sift dry ingredients, mix them both tougher, and bake. Easy and delicious these ginger cookies are!



Cardamom and saffron chocolate truffles

Cardamom and saffron chocolate truffles? What’s more to add? If you love the exotic flavors of cardamom and saffron, you will love these truffles! Did you know as decadent as truffles are they are the easiest to make. Give these a try!


Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bark with Saffron and Dried Apricots

Continuing on the chocolate theme, here is another easy no-bake recipe for a dark chocolate bark made with dried apricots, nuts, and saffron.  Served with vanilla ice cream these make an easy and gourmet after-dinner dessert!



Sherry Cake

Looking for an easy cake recipe made with store-bought cake mix? Then this one is for you. Spiked with a little sherry, this cake takes a regular cake mix and transforms it into something decadent, perfect for the holidays!


Sweet Port and Cranberry Cake

Here is another delicious cake jazzed up with a little port this time. Deep dark port and cranberries in this bundt cake taste tangy and sweet with the lovely fruity aroma of port.



Sweet wine and dried fruit pound cake

Think of this as an instant Christmas fruitcake. It has all the ingredients that go in a typical Christmas fruitcake such as dried fruits like raisins, apricots, currants and sweet wine, but in a cake you can have right away!



All Natural Christmas Fruit Cake

How can I forget the most famous Christmas cake of all – fruitcake! This recipe takes the cloyingly sweet fruitcake with artificial green, red, and yellow fruits and turns it into a delicious fruitcake made with all-natural ingredients. An adult fruitcake for sure, but you can go light on the alcohol so the kids can have it too!  Start making this right away, as it tastes best when it has had time to marinate in the alcohol for at least 2-3 weeks.


Christmas Sugar Cookies

Not so easy to make but fun nonetheless, these sugar cookies are deliciously soft and buttery. The fun part of these cookies is the decorating! Try them for a fun Christmas cookie party for the kids.



This is just a sampling of deliciously sweet recipes to make this season. Check them all out and start baking for the holidays!

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Happy Holiday Sweet Making!

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