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The Joy of Herb Gardening

Growing herbs at home is one of the most satisfying gardening tasks there is, and it’s extremely easy too.  As beneficial as herbs are for all of us, what is many times overlooked is the joy that herb gardening brings even before we harvest these herbs for all their healthful uses. Within the large realm of gardening, herb gardening has its own therapeutic effects.

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Bringing the Joy of Nature Indoors

I love nature. Gardening, going for drives to check out beautiful scenery, visiting farmers markets, going for walks, these are all things that I love to do. I drag my family with me to all these activities, and despite their initial grumbling, they come along and end up having a great time.

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A Natural High

I love gardening. Because I feel great after I’ve been out in the garden, I’ve assumed it’s good for me. When I am restless or a little down I just step outside to get some fresh air, I walk in my garden, prune a few bushes, water a few pots, or cut a few blooms; this has always calmed me down and brought me out of my funk. I come back in with a dose of Natural High that gets me motivated to get things done. There is something very therapeutic about being out in nature. Continue reading A Natural High

The Healing Garden by Gay Search

The Healing Garden. Gardening for the Mind, Body, and Soul by Gay Search is a wonderful resource on gardening whether you are starting a garden from scratch, or just changing a part of your garden.  Though I bought this book many years ago, I find the information in it to be even more relevant and applicable even today.

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