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Visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania

I heard this past week of the sad news that veteran actor Gene Wilder passed away at the age of 83.  I’ve seen a few of his movies such as Stir Crazy, Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein, all of which were great comedies, family friendly movies. But what Gene Wilder is most famous for is his role as Mr. Willie Wonka in the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  What a classic this movie is. Based on the popular children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, this movie is a must see for kids of all ages. A great story about greed and selfishnes and how in the end love, generosity, and kindness towards others triumphs all misfortunes is a story that resonates even in today’s fast-paced world.

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Antique Shopping in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Lambertville, New Jersey

Antique shopping in Philadelphia and the surrounding neighborhoods is truly a unique East Coast experience.  In fact, in the Philadelphia area, antique shopping is like going wine tasting in the Bay Area. There are countless numbers of antique shops in the Philadelphia area. There are even towns whose claim to fame is that their entire town is dedicated to just antique shopping.  There are also antique flea markets where vendors from far and wide come and set up tents to sell their wares. Continue reading Antique Shopping in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Lambertville, New Jersey

Visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Off the Beaten Path.

I visited my sister Banu in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over the July 4th holiday.  When you are a family of 4 siblings, organizing a family get together is next to impossible.  Coordinating a timeframe that works for my siblings and I, along with our spouses and all our kids is a major feat. Which means we are lucky if we can all meet together every 2 years.  This year all of us got together over the July 4th holiday! Continue reading Visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Off the Beaten Path.

David Bruce Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Why drive all the way to Napa, when you can drive fifteen minutes up into the Santa Cruz Mountains and find some great wineries right here in the South Bay?  On a whim one Saturday afternoon, Hitesh and I decided to go wine tasting and made a quick trip to David Bruce Winery.  David Bruce is a small winery that specializes in a hand full of wines – mostly Pinot Noir, some Chardonnay, and Sangiovese.  In a secluded location off Bear Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, David Bruce is a low-key winery that has solid good wine. Continue reading David Bruce Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Floral Gowns by Oscar de la Renta

Flowers, flowers, flowers!! Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers! I absolutely love them. So when I read about an exhibition in San Francisco of Oscar de la Renta’s floral couture gowns, I had to go! All I saw in this little article about the exhibit was the word “floral”, and it got me hooked.   Continue reading Floral Gowns by Oscar de la Renta

Flowering Fruit Trees

What is really beautiful about fruit trees and many times overlooked is their spectacular flower show in the Spring. Every fruit tree bears beautiful flowers before they become fruit.  When these fruit trees are in bloom they rival any sought after Spring Cherry Blossom trees.  Peach and nectarine trees have gorgeous flowers in a dark shade of pink. Cherry, plum, and apricot trees have mauve pink flowers as well.  Apple trees bear sultry pale pink/cream colored flowers with a darker pink center.  Even orange and lemon trees have lovely little clusters of white flowers whose intoxicating fragrance wafts through any garden. Continue reading Flowering Fruit Trees

Celebrating the Twins Birthday at Daffodil Dreams At Filoli Gardens

Aah celebrating birthdays.  These days it seems each kid wants to do something unique and with so many kids it can be hard to do something totally original. That is the dilemma the twins were facing, what to do for their 14th birthday.  Around this time is when I got a very timely newsletter from Filoli Gardens announcing their Daffodil Daydreams!  A totally unique experience with hundreds and hundreds of daffodils in full bloom, what an awesome idea for a birthday event!  Continue reading Celebrating the Twins Birthday at Daffodil Dreams At Filoli Gardens

Visit to Dallas, Texas. Twins Meeting Twins

Remember that television show Dallas in the 80s? We were all hooked on that family soap opera, heck the whole country, even the world was hooked on it!  The story of a wealthy oil family in Dallas and all their family drama with adultery, betrayal, bastard sons, and the one rival they are always fighting against. It had beautiful actors and actresses with great outfits and grand Texas scenery, it had everything a great soap opera needs to be successful. Remember that episode Who Shot JR? The whole country eagerly waited to watch that episode, which at that time became the all time most watched television episode ever! But wait, I digress.  That’s not what this post is about. I wanted to tell you about my recent visit to Dallas, the city in Texas – not the show Dallas. Continue reading Visit to Dallas, Texas. Twins Meeting Twins

Visit to Washington, DC

It’s President’s Day and I thought this is a perfect time to write about my trip to Washington, DC.  In October of last year, Hitesh and I went to DC for a little holiday.  Anjali and Rani were going on their 8th grade DC trip through their school which means we had the whole week to ourselves, so we decided we would do the same – head to DC, not with the twins of course.  The twins were mortified to know that we were going to DC!  They were worried we would tag along with them on their school trip.  No worries here! This was a chance for Hitesh and I to be together without the kids. Are you kidding? Why would we tag along? Coincidentally we did end up on the same flight as the twins on the way out to DC.  Of course they thought we planned it that way, but we really didn’t 😉

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