Spring Time Recipes with Lots of Greens

Happy Spring everyone! At this time of year spring greens are so lush and in abundance at the markets. Really a wonderful time to use these good for you super greens in delicious spring time recipes. Here are a few of my favorites. Give them a try!

Spring Time Pastas

What can I say, I absolutely love using greens in pasta dishes!! It’s the easiest way to sneak in good for us super greens like spinach, kale and chard without affecting the flavor profile of the dish. These pasta recipes are some of our favorites that we turn to again and again.

Super Greens Salads

Another great way to use greens is in salads. Spinach is especially great as it just blends into the lettuce mix making it easy to get our betacarotene, calcium, vitamin A and magnesium, without really trying.

Kale and chard require a light saute before adding them into salads but boy do they taste great. Here are a few salad recipes with super greens as their main ingredient.

Phenomenal Main Dishes with Super Greens

Some of my favorite ways to use super greens are in international foods like Indian cuisine, Mexican and Italian. Here are a bunch of awesome fill you up main dishes that use loads of super greens.

The best part of these recipes? Most of them are one-pot meals – meaning you just need to make that one dish to cover all the nutritional bases.

Odds and ends – appetizers, lunches, snacks and sides

Super greens are great for light snacks, appetizers and lunches too. Here is a collection of recipes that are easy and delicious using a variety of super greens.

And that’s a wrap folks! I hope this gave you inspiration to use super greens in your dishes. There are so many ways to sneak these wonderful veggies in our meals.

For more recipes using super greens click on the tag “cooking with greens” on the right side of the home page and give these recipes a try!

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  1. Sold!!! Scrolling through all the pasta dishes with veggies and all the green salad iterations are very inspiring which has triggered a need. Thank you for sharing!!🙏🏽🥰

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